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Arad Medical School - Vasile Goldiș Western University of Arad
Arad Medical School also called Vasile Goldiș Western University of Arad is an accredited private university with medical Faculty offering medicine in English, French and Romania, dentistry and pharmacy in Romania.  The admission is based on application file evaluation (and biology multiple choice test only for EEA students). 
Arad Medical School Tuition fees is the cheapest in Romania and whole Europe:  1,000 Euros (EU/EEA students for EEA) or 3,600 Euros (Non EU/EEA students), per annum.  EU/EEA student can also study on Romanian scholarship provided that they learn first Romanian language and pass admission examination in biology and chemistry with Romanian students.
Annual Living cost depends on live style of every student, but a budget from 4000 Euros can be enough.
Medical prospective students are advised to apply early as the test in Biology take place in July – August.  For students from outside of EEA, it is also better to apply early as places are limited.
As all European (EEA) diplomas, Arad medical diploma is fully recognized in all EEA countries and beyond.

Application file must include the following documents:

  • Application ;
  • The Baccalaureate diploma or an equivalent copy and authenticated translation in Romanian in two copies (translated if the original is in another language than English or French) and transcripts of records / diploma supplement (copy) ;
  • For transfer of applicants: transcript of records and syllabus of the university, for the recognition of previous studies ;
  • Copy of valid passport pages 1,2,3,4 or an official valid ID ;
  • Birth certificate– copy and authenticated translation ;
  • Medical certificate containing: HIV and VDRL medical tets chronic or neuropsychological illnesses, contagious diseases or other illnesses not compatible with the future profession;
  • 4 passport -size photos ;

Biology topics for Medicine, Dentistry, Medicine in English / French

  • Structure of the human body: cells, tissues, organs ;
  • The nervous system ;
  • The visual / auditory / somatosensory / vestibular / gustatory / olfactory system ;
  • Endocrine glands: pituitary, thyroid, suprarenal glands, endocrine pancreas;
  • The skeletal system: bones, joints ;
  • The muscular system: skeletal muscles, types of contractions, structure of the striated muscle fiber ;
  • The digestive tract and accessory glands: structure and composition, mechanic digestion;
  • Circulation: blood composition, blood types, greater and lesser circulation ;
  • Breathing: structure of the upper airways, pulmonary ventilation, lung volumes and lung capacities ;
  • Excretion: structure of the excretory system ;
  • Intermediary metabolism: carbohydrate/lipid/protein metabolism ;
  • The reproductive system: components ;


  • General Medicine: 4-(graduate) & 6-year program
  • Veterinary Medicine: 6-year program
  • Dentistry: 5 to 6-year program
  • Pharmacy: 5 to 6-year program
  • Nursing: 3 to 4-year program
  • Physiotherapy: 3 to 4-year program
  • Medical specialisation: 3 to 6-year program
  • Etc.

Leading to qualifications approved by GMC, GDC, RCVS,
HCPC, NMC in UK and recognised in all over the world.


Phone: +40733811711; +40760100128