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Veterinary medicine in Bulgaria

Veterinary medicine courses or veterinary medicine studies in Bulgaria are designed for future veterinary physician also known as a veterinarian, vet or veterinary surgeon, but also by para veterinary workers such as veterinary nurse, veterinary technician, and veterinary assistant and veterinary technologist.  For those prospective students who dream becoming vet, veterinary medicine universities (vet schools) organise veterinary medicine courses on different level: Bachelor, Master and Doctorate.

The veterinary physicians are  those dedicated to  deal with the diagnosis, and treatment of the diseases of domestic and farm animals and the control of other animal disorders and welfare. Partly it includes diseases that are contagious (infectious diseases) between animals and humans. Veterinary medicine program prepares students for a career of veterinary surgeon.

Becoming a vet in Bulgaria

Even if they are a lot of vet universities of veterinary medicine around the world, it is becoming more and more difficult to get into vet schools, due to high number of students who dream becoming veterinary physicians. It has become even impossible to many students because of high entree requirements, limitation of place (numerous clauses), high tuition fees etc.
Bulgaria is offering a high opportunity for not only for national student dreaming to become veterinary physicians, but also international students.   Veterinary universities offer Master and Doctorate programs of veterinary medicine in English at very reasonable tuition fees.  This with the reasonable cost of live, and the degree recognise in all over the world, Bulgaria has become one of the most attractive countries for veterinary medicine course in Europe.

Veterinary course application Requirements in Bulgaria

The veterinary medical universities in Bulgaria welcome international student with high school leaving diploma and good academic record and   command of English as well as international transfer students. The undergraduate veterinary studies programs in Bulgaria do not have additional admission requirements beyond those required by the high educational institutions.

Prospective students who have graduated or studied   universities in biology, zootechnics, agronomy, medicine etc from accredited universities, the credited passed (exam taken) are recognised given that the students provide all necessary documents.
It is highly recommended to have a background in biology, chemistry and algebra and to prospective veterinary students. Note that the letters of recommendation is also appreciated.

Veterinary universities in Bulgaria

Bulgaria has very good veterinary medicine universities. The most important are those Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of University of Forestry – Sofia and the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Trakia University – Plovdiv, offering Master and PhD program of veterinary medicine not only in Bulgarian but also in English.
Masters Degree course of Veterinary Medicine in English in Bulgaria is for 5, 5 years and 3 years Doctorate (PhD degree). The tuition fee for veterinary medicine course in English is 5000 Euro/ year. The deadline for application is batwing April and July, but it can be postpone till September. A State exam is required for obtaining the M.Sc. degree of veterinary medicine. The graduates receive the qualification Veterinary surgeon which is recognised all over the world.

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Trakia University – Plovdiv

The first Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Bulgaria was found as a part of The Sofia University (1923-1948). During (1948-1953), the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine become part of the Georgi Dimitrov Agricultural Academy (1948-1953). Late on, it becomes Independent Higher Institute of Veterinary Medicine “Prof. Georgi Pavlov” (1953-1972) and the Research and Education Livestock Production Association (1972-1974). It is only during the period  1974-1995 that was recognised as the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine as a part of the Higher Institute of Zootechnics and Veterinary Medicine – Stara Zagora.
The the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine is known as a part of the Trakia University only since 1995.
The gained international appreciation of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine as a renowned higher education establishment, motivated many countries to send their citizens for obtaining a degree in veterinary medicine in Bulgaria after the academic year 1947-1948. About 400 foreign citizens from 46 countries graduated from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and another 60 had finished their PhD studies here.

With the launch of English program of veterinary medical studies and the organisation pre-medical course in English (preparatory course in English) combined with low tuition fee, cheap living cost, safe and friendly living environment, the  veterinary faculty of medicine in Plovdiv  has become one of the most attractive university in Europe and beyond for international students.

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of University of Forestry – Sofia

The foundations of Veterinary medicine education in Bulgaria were laid down in 1923 when a Faculty of Veterinary medicine was established in Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridsky”. The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of University of Forestry was established in 1994 and accredited in 2008 for a period of six years, as a regulated profession. English veterinary program was launched in 2011-2012 academic year.

Law on Veterinary Medicine and the qualifications of graduates at Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of University of Forestry – Sofia allows them to open and run private veterinary offices (dispensaries, clinics, laboratories and pharmacies.). Part of graduate studies at the Faculty perform successfully in Austria, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Canada, Greece, Israel, Macedonia and other countries, and the assessment of employers for their skills is markedly positive.

With the introduction of English program of veterinary medicine in Trakia University – Plovdiv and University of Forestry – Sofia, the entrance of Bulgaria in European Union and all advantages of studying in Bulgaria, the country has become the main destination of international students with dream of becoming veterinary physicians.


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