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University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Craiova

Craiova Medical University is one of the best Romanian medical universities with medical study programs in English. International students are mostly attracted by medicine in English for 6 years and 2 years Master Degree Program in Medical Informatics and Biostatistics. The admission is based on application file selection without entrance exam.

Both Craiova University of medicine and civic community welcome students  from all over the world: Romanians from the whole country including the towns with institutions similar to Craiova University and International Students (from Europe. Asia, Africa, America etc.). At Craiova University of medicine, students play an important role in the development strategy in such a way that student leaders represent 25% of the Senate and of the faculty's board.

The tuition set by the Senate of UMF Craiova for medical study (medicine, 6 year program) in English
is 5000 Euro / year. For medical study (medicine, dental medicine, pharmacy) in Romanian, the tuition fee is 3200 Euro/year. The tuition fee for Romanian preparatory course for those who wish to study medicine in Romanian is 2700 Euro for one year.

Required documents to apply to Craiova medical university must include:

1.Certified copy of High school diploma or its equivalent;
2.Certified copy of transcripts (marks) of the performed studies;
3.Certified copy of Birth certificate;
4.Copy of passport pages 1,2,3,4 or other identification paper;
5.Medical certificate, which must include: vaccination proof for hepatitis B; evidence for chronic diseases and assessment of mental status;
6.2 photos passport size;
7.Curriculum vitae;

Documents point 1 to 3: must a certified copy if the original document is in English; otherwise it has to be a simple copy and certified translation -if written in a language other than English.

Specially with the opening of English medical program, there is a  huge demand from   English speaking students from  European Union (EU) Member States, European Economic Area (EEA) and of the Swiss Confederation as well from non EU  countries.
As other medical universities in Romania, Craiova University of medicine welcome transfer students from accredited university.

The University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Craiova permanently organizes post-university courses in: medicine, dentistry and pharmacy. We have residency courses, Ph.D. courses and courses for different competences. The academic staffs develops a successful and praised research activity both in the country and abroad, many of the scientific papers presented abroad being praised and recognized.

The Medical university of Craiova is structured in four faculties and 7 Master study programs.

Craiova medical University faculties:

•Faculty of Medicine: Medicine (6 years) in english and Romanian;
•Faculty of Dentistry: Dental medicine - Dentistry (6 years);
•Faculty of Pharmacy: Pharmacy (5 years) in english and Romanian;
•Faculty of Midwives and Nursing: Midwives (4 years), General Nursing (4 years), Dental Technology (3 years) and Balneal Physiotherapy and Recovery (3 years), respectively a filial in Drobeta Turnu Severin for the General Nursing specialization;

 Master study programs for 2 years:

•Management of Healthcare Institution;
•Medical Biostatistics;
•Prosthetic Restorations with an Implanter Support ;
•Developing Community Nursing Services ;
•Pharmacology and Toxicology ;
•Management of Pregnant Woman and New-born Child ;
•Faculty of Balneal Physiotherapy and Recovery;

Craiova medical university organise also preparatory course of Romanian language for those prospective students who do not speak Romanian and would like to study in Romanian. The course duration is one academic year.

Master Degree Program in Medical Informatics and Biostatistics

Craiova medical university organise an especially Master Degree Program in Medical Informatics and Biostatistics in English.
The Master Degree in Medical Informatics & Biostatistics is strongly oriented toward research, with the immediate aim to provide to the students the necessary formation as researchers, to stimulate and motivate open minded, creative, flexible individuals.

The objectives of Master Degree Program in Medical Informatics and Biostatistics:

  • To provide our students up-to-date knowledge and proficiency in cutting edge tools at the border between Informatics, Biostatistics and Medicine, to serve Medicine;
  • To encourage and help our students to develop and apply original thinking;
  • To provide our students a serious formation as researchers and managers, through systematic training to develop concepts, to design and perform experiments, to pursue experiments, process complex data, draw conclusions;
  • To help students to develop the ability to leading change and managerial qualities.

Admission requirements to Master program of Medical Informatics and Biostatistics:

  • Any student who can provide proof (diploma) of undergraduate or graduate studies in medicine, computer science, mathematics, informatics, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, economic studies, may attend, on a competitive basis.
  • Basic knowledge in elementary high school mathematics
  • Proved Proficiency in English Basic knowledge in elementary high school mathematics
  • Basic experience with computers, i.e. managing; the data structure on a PC (e.g. using Windows Explorer), spreadsheets (Excel), word processing (Word) data bases (Access),presentations in PowerPoint;

The admission (evaluation) is based on personally application file contain (Curriculum Vitae, Cover Letter, Diploma, Transcript of records, proved proficiency in English, two recommendations  from previous mentors, copy of birth certificate, two photographs ¾ cm).

In bringing together students with different professional and cultural backgrounds, though challenging, the program offers to the students committed to hard work, a maximal chance to personal achievement and development.

Craiova University has been attracting international students from all over the world. With the launch of new medical programs (medicine and pharmacy) in English, the university is receiving more students from UK, USA, Canada, Israel, Nigeria, India, and Ghana to name some.
The Faculty of Medicine of the University of Craiova, is collaborating with educational and research institutions from Germany, Italy, Denmark, Moldavia, France, Portugal, Turkey and Greece and it is a member of A.U.F(Agence universitaire de la Francophonie).


  • General Medicine: 4-(graduate) & 6-year program
  • Veterinary Medicine: 6-year program
  • Dentistry: 5 to 6-year program
  • Pharmacy: 5 to 6-year program
  • Nursing: 3 to 4-year program
  • Physiotherapy: 3 to 4-year program
  • Medical specialisation: 3 to 6-year program
  • Etc.

Leading to qualifications approved by GMC, GDC, RCVS,
HCPC, NMC in UK and recognised in all over the world.


Phone: +40733811711; +40760100128